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WWF, Global Water Partnership tie knot of collaboration

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11 August 2017
WWF Cameroon has agreed to provide financial and administrative management services to the Global Water Partnership Organization as the latter implements sustainable water program in Central Africa. This followed a host institution agreement signed between the two organizations recently. Dubbed Host Institution Agreement, the partnership marked a lasting gain for the sustainable management of water and the conservation of the environment.  
Speaking after signing the agreement, Mrs Ligia Christiana, President of GWP for Central Africa, said, “we have chosen WWF because of their status, quality and because it is one of the organizations working for conservation of the ecosystem.”
For Dr. Hanson Njiforti, WWF Cameroon Director “water is a natural resource that we are supposed to protect. This is an opportunity to work on fresh water which we do not have presently in our strategic plan, so increasingly WWF will work with partners on issues which we are not possibly addressing ourselves,” he said.
According to Manuel Fulchiron, GWP focal point for Central Africa, “we are very happy that a reputed conservation organization, which is very active in the field like WWF, could work with us to deliver results on the field and promote the integrated management of natural resources.”
This host agreement which runs up to December 31st 2018 will go a long way to mitigate the consequences and impacts of poor environmental management and will promote sustainable development in the Central African region.
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