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Drinking water for the Mahafaly Plateau communities!

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19 July 2017
Ankililaza is one of ten villages where WWF has drilled wells to provide drinking water to natural resource management communities in the Mahafaly Plateau.

This initiative of the WWF reinforces the resilience of the communities in the particular climatic context of the southwest of Madagascar. The annual rains do not exceed 550 mm in the Atsimo Andrefana region and the scientists' projections show that by 2050, the average temperature in southwestern Madagascar will increase by 2ºC during the months of December and February (*).

In 2017, the communities managing natural resources around Tsimanampesotse National Park have their community well and watering trough for the animals. The wells are managed by committees elected by the villagers themselves. The 20-liter can of water costs 500 Ar. The committees are managing and maintaining the wells with this money.


(*) Direction Générale de la Météorologie. 2008. Le changement climatique à Madagascar. World Bank.