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Learning about precious woods to better protect them

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05 July 2017
The protection status of ebony and rosewood was strengthened in 2013 through the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. From now on, any collection is prohibited if it jeopardizes the survival of the species (overexploitation, uncontrolled cutting ...).

To ensure that the legislation is clear to all actors involved (the judiciary, government and civil society) and therefore better enforced, WWF has supported the Ministry of the Environment, Ecology and Forests in the organization of a national training workshop from 4 to 6 July in Toamasina.

The choice of the place is not arbitrary because Toamasina, the largest port in Madagascar, is a strategic place and sensitive to the illicit export of Malagasy natural resources.

The workshop thus helps to spread knowledge about the precious woods of Madagascar and identify Malagasy woods that can be sustainably marketed.