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Seven WWF volunteers lived a teaching and learning experience

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30 June 2017
The Explore program, which WWF Madagascar hosts each year, brings in young volunteers from around the world to collaborate in conservation efforts in remote areas of the country.  This year, we welcomed five students in the Ambaro Bay in the DIANA region, at the northernmost tip of Madagascar, two students in WWF headquarters in the capital Antananarivo and one student in the Menabe region.

The volunteers, Sirine, Lena, Evelyne, Fitia and Délia, hailing from Switzerland, Germany and Madagascar, spent three months living, teaching and participating in conservation efforts in the small village of Anjiabe.  They taught classes on French, dance, health and cooking.  Together with the local population, they documented the deforestation of mangroves in the area and helped replant them. 

On the other hand, the volunteers Aina and Valohery, worked respectively in the Communication and Fundraising departments of WWF, writing and translating articles, helping on the implementation of the Fundraising strategy and mobilizing city youth for conservation. On her side, Nathaly, a volunteer working on the Menabe region, will continue working until the end of November 2017 on coaching of two youth consortium that supports WWF on its conservation efforts in this region.

WWF Madagascar appreciates their tireless hours of service and wishes them the best of luck as they continue their studies!

While they did a lot of teaching and raising awareness in Anjiabe, Menabe and Antananarivo, they also had much to learn from the village’s residents and the youth.  Read some of their reflections on WWF’s blog, In My Nature: