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An eye in the sky to protect forests

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05 May 2017
Aerial surveillance has been a strong support to the patrolling and sanctions enforcement in six protected areas of Madagascar: Kirindy-Mite and Tsimanampetsotse Parks, Andranomena Special Reserve and the new Amoron'ny Onilahy, Ankodida and Nord Ifotaky Protected Areas.

Indeed, from 2012 to 2016, deforestation decreased more than 40%, from 3,449.87 ha to 1,166.58 ha, a 66% decrease for Kirindy-Mite; From 46.3ha to 8.46ha, or 81% for Tsimanampetsotse, from 142.75ha to 53.74ha, or 62% for Andranomena, from 69.31ha to 41.03ha, a 40% for Amoron'ny Onilahy, From 12.16ha to 2.72ha, or 77% for Ankodida and from 100.63ha to 51.58ha, or a 48% for Nord Ifotaky. The participants of the aerial surveillance program presented these results on Thursday 4 May at the Panorama Hotel in Antananarivo.

The aerial surveillance program initiated by WWF in collaboration with Madagascar's Protected Areas System, Aviation Sans Frontières and Madagascar National Parks, started in 2006. It aims to be a deterrent to deforestation and to raise awareness among communities and companies around the protected areas. By taking photos during these over-flights, protected area communities and managers can easily identify cleared areas and those responsible for them.

Deforestation due to bush fires for slash-and-burn cultivation and the slaughter of uncontrolled trees are two important causes of the natural resources destruction and habitats of the fauna and flora of Madagascar.

In order to help reduce deforestation, the aerial surveillance program has conducted around 88 over-flights in 21 protected areas of Madagascar, including the forests of Ranobe, Mikea and Zamasy since 2010.

The aerial surveillance program is complemented by using of the LEM / SMART system (Law Enforcement Monitoring / Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool). The latter is software that allows following the clearing and to define the application of the law to the infractions committed.
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