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WWF and AWS join forces to strengthen water stewardship

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22 March 2017
In a significant boost to global efforts to promote water stewardship, two of the leading organisations in the field, WWF and the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), have signed an agreement to collaborate even more closely over the next two years.
The new deal commits WWF and AWS to work together to promote water stewardship worldwide by raising awareness of its importance, building skills and capacity, and enhancing its overall impact.
“Governments and businesses are waking up to the urgent need to manage freshwater resources more responsibly in the face of soaring demand, increasing urbanization and the impacts of climate change,” said Adrian Sym, CEO of AWS, a global alliance that uses the globally applicable AWS Standard to drive better water stewardship.
“This agreement with WWF sends a strong signal: by collaborating more effectively, we can ensure faster and broader adoption of water stewardship, which will help to protect the world’s freshwater resources,” added Sym.
In particular, WWF and AWS will seek opportunities to highlight the importance of water stewardship through joint publications, events and communications as well as the establishment of national or regional water stewardship networks.
The two organizations will also provide joint training and share data whenever possible, including through online platforms such as WWF’s Water Risk Filter.
In addition, WWF will continue to participate in the multi-stakeholder processes that ensure that the AWS Standard and certification programmes are robust, credible and impactful, while also looking to develop joint projects.
“Water stewardship is at the heart of WWF’s work on freshwater and this partnership with AWS will help us to make an even greater impact over the next few years,” said Stuart Orr, Leader of the Global Freshwater Practice at WWF, which played a critical role in the establishment of AWS.
“Hundreds of millions of people already face water shortages, while water is one of the top risks for businesses around the world. Better water stewardship can transform the situation and ensure that there is enough water for both people and nature,” added Orr.
As part of the agreement, WWF will also encourage others to become members and participate in AWS events, including the Global Water Stewardship Forum, as a way to encourage greater dialogue and capacity building for water stewardship
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