The Finns are sourcing more ‘green’ fish than ever | WWF

The Finns are sourcing more ‘green’ fish than ever

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14 March 2017
WWF Finland has successfully managed to turn the Finnish seafood trade around to sourcing more sustainable seafood products. During 2012-2015, WWF challenged the most important seafood actors to make commitments to promote more sustainable seafood by adapting their procurement to the WWF Finnish Seafood Guide. By the end of the campaign challenge less than 2% of fish sold is unsustainable (red according to the WWF Finland Seafood Guide). The campaign’s success demonstrates the value of companies, fishing authorities, non-governmental organizations and citizens acting as one to help solve the overfishing crisis. Read more about the key results of the WWF Finland Fish Campaign.
In Finland more than 70% of the seafood is imported
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