Caucasian Leopard – the King of Armenian Mountains exhibition in “Yeritasardakan” Station of Yerevan Metro | WWF

Caucasian Leopard – the King of Armenian Mountains exhibition in “Yeritasardakan” Station of Yerevan Metro

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28 February 2017
From March 3, 2017 the WWF-Armenia, with the support of the Karen Demirchyan Yerevan Metro CJSC, presents “Caucasian Leopard – the King of Armenian Mountains” exhibition in “Yeritasardakan” Station of Metro.

The exhibition is organized within the framework of 15-year anniversary of Caucasian Leopard conservation project in Armenia, which is being implemented by the World Wide Fund for Nature’s Armenian branch - WWF-Armenia. Since 2002, the WWF has been implementing a conservation project on this species in Armenia, thanks to which the animal has not only returned to Armenia but also registered a positive trend.

The Caucasian Leopard conservation project coordinator Arsen Gasparyan notes: "The exhibition aims to raise awareness on the Caucasian leopard –the miracle of our nature. During the whole year we intend to implement number of activities which will represent the role and importance of leopard for Armenian nature. "

The Karen Demirchyan Yerevan Metro CJSC's Deputy Director Gevorg Avetisyan says: "We liked the initiative very much and agreed to support the exhibition with the great pleasure. In general, Metro encourages every initiative which has educational and cultural significance. "

The photos, which are on display, present the main natural habitats of the Caucasian leopard, the prey species (Bezoar goat, Armenian mouflon, Roe deer, etc.), as well as some conservation measures.

March 3 is not a random day. It's a World Wildlife Day, which aims to raise awareness on the conservation of the world's threatened wild animals and plants. This year's slogan is "Listen to the young voices" which encourages the young leaders and future decision-makers to protect endangered wildlife of our planet.
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Exhibition in Metro Station
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