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WWF visited Dilijan Central School

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08 December 2016
On December 1, WWF-Armenia visited Dilijan Central School, which belongs to the Ayb family schools. The aim of the visit was to introduce the Armenian nature, endangered species, and the main measures of their protection, forests and their importance to the children.   

During the meeting, Mr. Arsen Gasparyan, the coordinator of WWF- Armenia "Leopard Conservation" project in Armenia, presented the latest shots and footages of photo-traps. Children liked this very much and were very excited. Mr. Artur Alaverdyan, coordinator of the forest projects of WWF-Armenia, presented the current state of Armenia's forests and possible dynamics. The topic was so interesting that children started an active discussion with the presenter about the ways of saving forests and their importance.   

While children were having classes, WWF- staff visited the school and got acquainted with the school's unique teaching methodology which ensures the development of children. The existence of such a school in Dilijan is not only significant from the educational point of view but also extremely important for the overall development of the community.

This series of meetings aimed at raising the level of public awareness on the importance of the forests, wildlife and environmental issues, as well as creating a sense of responsibility towards the nature conservation.
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