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Tweet your leader!

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14 January 2016
WWF’s innovative Tweet Your Leader campaign enabled people throughout the world to send a message to their political leaders at the Paris climate summit urging a fair and effective global climate deal. The campaign ran through the duration of the summit to let leaders know that the eyes of their citizens were on them. In three simple steps, people were invited to select their leader’s publicly listed Twitter handle and send them a formatted tweet assuring them of their support. People who tweeted also received a personalized thank you message from @earthhour and were invited to continue their journey with WWF and Earth Hour through email sign-ups and donations. In the three-week campaign, saw close to 24,000 visits from more than 60 countries. With more than 40 WWF offices around the world promoting the campaign, over 4,200 tweets were sent, gathering close to 800 million impressions for the campaign hashtag #ChangeClimateChange.  The campaign gained support from heavy-weight influencers such as Mark Ruffalo, Mia Farrow, Lana Parrilla and even the ubiquitous video game franchise Angry Birds, helping to position WWF and Earth Hour as a movement to show that changing climate change is possible when we act together and harness the power of the crowd.
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