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NPAC Azerbaijan appraises FLEG II outcomes in 2015

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16 October 2015

The members of the National Program Advisory Committee gathered in Baku, Azerbaijan to discuss the progress of the Program’s implementation, challenges and ways to improve the ongoing stance.

The main topics of the discussion were “Gakh-2015”, the first international young foresters’ summer camp, which was successfully conducted in the Gakh district of Azerbaijan, and strengthening of communications. Firuza Sultanzadeh, representative from the Ministry of Education, widely appraised the high-level of organization of the summer camp, as well as presentations delivered by both the participants and invited experts.

“Some 5 years ago there was no notion of a young forester in this country and what we see today is a self-confident, smart, caring and environmentally-aware Azerbaijani youth who contributed enormously to the success of the summer camp. The Azerbaijani young foresters are becoming a real power, which we believe will be behind the significant changes in minds of our people”, said Mrs. Sultanzadeh. “The Ministry pays a lot of attention to the development of the young foresters’ movement in the country and we hope FLEG II continues will support this initiative in the future”.

Rahim Ibrahimov, Program’s National Focal Point and head of sector of Forestry Development Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources was very positive when talking on Program’s efforts aimed to increase qualifications of the forestry professionals. “FLEG II-supported manuals and tutorials on sustainable forest development is a top discussion topic in the specialized educational facilities. This is one of the most important achievements of FLEG II in Azerbaijan”.

Program’s Coordinators from implementing organizations – World Bank, WWF, and IUCN - outlined challenges and positive outcomes in the implementation of activities. Coordinator from the EU Delegation in Baku Ulviya Abdullayeva underlined the importance of more efficient communications in dissemination of information and intensification of cooperation with the various stakeholders in this regard.

After discussions, the NPAC Azerbaijan approved the country workplan for the third year.

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