Major funding announced for Amazon conservation | WWF

Major funding announced for Amazon conservation

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07 December 2015
The Global Environment Facility (GEF) has approved US$113 million for the Amazon Sustainable Landscapes Program – an innovative scheme to protect the Amazon ecosystem across Brazil, Colombia and Peru – that is expected to leverage US$682 million in additional financing over the next five years. The programme aims to protect globally significant biodiversity and mitigate climate change by fostering sustainable land use, protected area management and restoration of vegetation cover. US$30 million is designated for the ARPA Transition Fund, launched with WWF support in July 2014 for long-term financing of 60 million hectares of protected areas in the Brazilian Amazon. US$9 million will support consolidation and eff ective management of 69 protected areas covering 19.5 million hectares in Peru, where WWF will be the GEF project agency.
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