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WWF celebrates community marine conservation

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07 December 2015
WWF presented the 2015 Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Award to Alasdair Harris (UK) and Alifereti Tawake (Fiji) for their work to support local communities in rebuilding fish populations through creation of locally managed marine areas (LMMAs). Working with local fishermen and integrating cultural tradition with best-practice fisheries management, Mr Tawake’s innovative approach has resulted in the Fiji LMMA Network, which serves as a model for community-based marine resource management globally. Dr Harris, founder of Blue Ventures, works with coastal communities, government partners and non-governmental organizations to rebuild tropical fisheries through creation of LMMAs in Madagascar and Belize that bring tangible benefits to many communities. These strategies are now being replicated elsewhere in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.
2015 Duke of Edinburgh Award for Conservation
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