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South West Indian Ocean Fisheries Commission Booklet

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10 November 2015
This booklet was produced within the commemorations of 10th anniversary of establishment of the South West Indian Ocean Fisheries Commission (SWIOFC), to revive its history, and better understand the past. It reflects on SWIOFC’s present and future roles, considering the current and expected challenges. It also serves as a short reference document to understand the work done in the Southwest Indian Ocean (SWIO) region for strengthening regional cooperation and sustainable marine fisheries management.

The rational for SWIOFC is highlighted, based on the relevance of regional fisheries collaboration and cooperation, and in accordance to the international and regional legislation. Subsequently the document focuses on SWIOFC, its objectives, functions, species covered, members, as well as its structure and the progress achieved since its establishment, relevant entities involved, decisions taken, leadership and challenges faced.  At the end, it addresses the future of SWIOFC taking in account the current and future fisheries issues and challenges.