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Baltic Sea Farmer of the Year Award 2015

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02 November 2015
The WWF Baltic Sea Farmer of the Year Award competition was launched in 2009 by WWF in cooperation with farmers’ organisations from around the Baltic Sea. It’s intended to highlight best practices in “Baltic-friendly” farming and to recognise and promote farmers who are taking innovative measures to reduce nutrient runoff from their farms.

"Farmers are often blamed for the problems we face today with the Baltic Sea," says Ottilia Thoreson, Manager of WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme. "With this award we can truly showcase and raise awareness about all the good initiatives being practiced in the region, to achieve more environmentally friendly farming. Farmers are part of the solution and are the best in teaching each other about new practices to change the future for the Baltic Sea.”

To your right you can dowload this year's edition of winning farmers who are going the extra mile in order to save the Baltic Sea and making a difference!
Meet the winners of the 2015 competition and learn more about how they are collectively making a difference for the Baltic Sea!
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