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WWF opens office in Greenland

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09 October 2015
WWF has become the first global conservation organization to open an office in Greenland. The office opened earlier this week in Nuuk, Greenland’s capital.
“It has always been a top priority that the staff we employ for our Arctic work have a thorough knowledge of Greenland and the Arctic, now we’re going one step further,” says Gitte Seeberg, Secretary General of WWF Denmark. “Experience from the rest of the Arctic confirms that it makes a difference to be in the place you are talking about. We seek dialogue, not confrontation and that sort of relationship is easier to build when you can regularly talk face-to-face.”
Kaare Winther Hansen, a biologist who has lived and worked in Greenland for several years will staff the Nuuk office.
“I am delighted to represent WWF and participate in the ongoing debate about the environment, nature and sustainable development in Greenland,” says Hansen. “I look forward to participating in in the discussion about how we can develop Greenland for Greenlanders while maintaining traditional livelihoods and values.”
The opening of an office is the latest step in WWF’s involvement in Greenland. Previously, WWF had helped form an NGO coalition, working together with Inuit Circumpolar Council – Greenland. WWF has helped fund several projects in Greenland in recent years, including projects around the Last Ice Area, and is currently funding a polar bear patrol in east Greenland.
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