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Arctic Council nations join US in pledging bold climate action

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01 September 2015
An Arctic summit in Alaska called by the US government to boost action on climate change has ended in a statement that affirms their “…strong determination to work together and with others to achieve a successful, ambitious outcome at the international climate negotiations in December in Paris this year.”

The states also called for more research into aspects of climate change in the Arctic, and for an investment in “low carbon solutions” to improve livelihoods and promote sustainable economic growth in Arctic communities. It was signed onto by the US and several of the countries assembled for the glacier summit, Arctic states and states that are observers to the Arctic Council.

“Building resilient communities based on clean energy and jobs, protecting our wildlife and landscapes, and securing the culture and prosperity of Arctic communities are the building blocks of the Arctic’s future,” says Margaret Williams, Managing Director for Arctic Programs for WWF in Alaska. “As President Obama continues to push for meaningful climate action, it’s critical he make these fundamentals a priority for his Administration.”

WWF is also calling for other measures to contain climate change, and promote resilience in an Arctic that is rapidly being transfigured by climate change.

“Across the Arctic, we need to be aware that climate is not the only pressure acting on wildlife and Arctic peoples. Where we can control other impacts, in sectors such as shipping and industrial development, we should do so, and where we can help promote resilience to change by protecting the Arctic’s ecological engines, we need to do that also,” said Williams.
Wind turbines, Nome, Alaska.
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