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FSC Regional Workshop Caucasus

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28 July 2015
We are inviting You to Regional Workshop Caucasus, which will be held on Saturday, 1st of August, in Baku, Azerbaijan (M.Mukhartova, 24, The Union of Architects building).
Organizers: FSC Regional Office for CIS Countries, Green Building Council Azerbaijan, WWF Caucasus, the Architects Union of Azerbaijan Republic, Young Architects and Student Club, MGIMO University and Akrolit LLC.
Forests are the natural wealth of the Caucasus countries. Their total area is over 4.2 million ha. A significant part of the forests is used for conservation purposes, preserving biodiversity and providing ecosystem services for the local people, especially valuable are gathered non-timber forest products such as nuts, wild apples and so on.
Voluntary forest certification is a modern, market-based approach for sustainable forest management. Currently, worldwide there is certified more than 180 million ha of forest, including about 45-50 million ha in the Caucasus countries neighborhoods. Turnover of FSC certified timber products are estimated to be tens of billions of dollars, recognition of FSC trademark is up to 50-60% in Western Europe. Voluntary forest certification is a market mechanism; its development is not possible without the commitment of business, and especially companies with a policy of corporate social responsibility.
The FSC Regional Workshop Caucasus will become a foundation for sharing experience and opinion on ecologically friendly and economically sustainable practices in Green building, eco-packaging, printing, recycling and many more. The Workshop aim is devoted to discuss opportunities of how to support responsible management of forests in the region through the formation of environmentally responsible procurement of certified timber from socially oriented business.
For further questions please contact FSC Regional Key Account Officer, Mariam Mattila, m.matila@fsc.org, +79255191007
For Registration please follow the link (http://bit.ly/1IaoJEu)
We are looking forward to see you in Baku, Azerbaijan!
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