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TEEB Scoping study for forestry sector of Azerbaijan

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12 December 2014
FLEG II Program is aimed to promote sustainable forest governance, management, and protection of forests in the participating countries, including Azerbaijan. The program supports forest governance through enhancing forest policy, legislation and institutional arrangements, and implementing sustainable forest management models on a pilot basis. This TEEB scoping study, as a part of the FLEG II program, makes a preliminary analysis of the ecosystem services provided by forested areas in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijanis consider forests to be one of the most valuable natural resources of the country. It is estimated that the total area of forests and scrublands in Azerbaijan is more than 860,000 ha, most of which are located in mountain areas. In order to analyze the ecosystem services of forests, “Business as Usual” (BAU) and “Sustainable Ecosystem Management” (SEM) analytical approaches have been used. This study also identifies key elements for a full TEEB study, including a roadmap of activities, and a list of important outputs.
TEEB Study Scope
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