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Five years of PA4LP work in the Caucasus Ecoregion

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21 December 2011
From 2007 to 2011 Protected Areas for a Living Planet (PA4LP) project has enabled governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders to come together to support the establishment of new PAs, the creation of management plans of existing PAs, the drafting of legislation and the coordination of efforts between countries on achieving CBD targets.
The results of the 2011 review of implementation of the CBD’s Programme of Work on Protected Areas (PoWPA) in the Caucasus Ecoregion are summarized in the specially produced brochure. PoWPA implementation was reviewed in five countries of the Caucasus Ecoregion - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Turkey. In these countries PA4LP supported strong national and regional level partnerships of donors, governments, scientists and civil society which assisted governments in delivering on CBD Protected Areas commitments. This partnership approach made a significant contribution to meeting CBD targets and strengthening of PA systems in the Caucasus.
This five year project would not have been successful without good will and effective partnership between all stakeholders. But much remains to be done to strengthen PA systems in the region: the last chapter highlights key developments and defines future priorities to meet targets of the PoWPA as well as setting out further opportunities for partnerships.
The brochure is produced under the auspicesof the Caucasus Biodiversity Council with the support of the PA4LP project - a collaboration of the Swiss-based MAVA Foundation and WWF.
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