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Forest and Climate Change Week organized in Georgia under the EU Forest Transformation Project

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28 November 2014
From 15 to 23 November, WWF has been celebrating Forest and Climate Change Week with events and educational resources for children and youth, environmental and forestry professionals, local communities and general public, Organized within the framework of the EU Funded Regional Project: "Increasing the Resilience of Forest Ecosystems against Climate Change in the Southern Caucasus through Forest Transformation". Intention of the activities was to encourage greater public awareness towards Georgia’s forests and climate change, to learn more about forest biodiversity and support greater recognition of this valuable resource. We also encourage teachers to engage and bring forests into their classroom!
Forests are fundamental to our economy, culture, traditions and history - and to our future. Many communities, families and individuals in Georgia depend on forests for their livelihoods and way of life.

Week has been opened with tree planting event in Tsavkisi (City of Tbilisi) project pilot site where forestry measures have been undertaken to transfer existing artificial pine stands into ‘more to nature’ forests - more  resilient to climate change. Participants: Mayor of Tbilisi with family and employees of Tbilisi City hall, International organizations and embassies, media, local community members, students and forestry professionals. WWF handed over various forestry equipment to the city hall. 
During the week various awareness rising activities were planned in the city - WWF Panda travelling in the public transport, public lessons on forests in the parks and schools, branded bus driving in the city and etc. 2 private and 2 public school has joined the forest week, children held  the presentation on Forestry topic and delivered public Eco lessons.
On 22 of November another tree planting educational event is planned to Khashuri (Municipality of Khashuri) project pilot site. Participants: Forestry and local authorities, Ministry of environment and natural resources protection, Head of local Municipality, local school and media.
On 23rd of November awareness rising activity for children was held at the Tbilisi Zoo. WWF Panda made public lesson about forests and climate change. Children were involved in various joyful and educational activities. Ministry of environmental and natural resources protection has joined the Forrest week and the deputy ministry attended the event at the Zoo together with homeless children.
More photos/videos from the Forest Weekt can be found: 
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