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Annamites trees: Keteleeria evelyniana, Fokienia hodginsii

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01 September 2005
Keteleeria evelyniana is found in moist evergreen and dry evergreen hill forests, conifer and mixed semi-evergreen forests at elevations between 700-3000m, but mostly between 1000-2000m.

In Lao PDR and Vietnam, this species has very specific habitat requirements, being found only on well drained ridges gentle slopes, and flat areas at high elevations.

The open conifer forest in montane areas of northern Lao PDR is dominated by K. evelyniana, which may occur in pure stands or mixed with Pinus kesiya and species of Fagaceae.

In Vu Quang Nature Reserve, in the Vietnamese northern Annamites, only eight mature trees are known to exist.

Humid montane forests between 600-2,200m may support a rich forest dominated by Fokienia hodginsii amongst other key species.

F. hodginsii
is widespread in mixed broadleaf and coniferous forest on ridges and slopes, and may also form pure stands on ridges and plateaus above 1,200m such as in Kon Ka Kinh National Park.

The diversity of conifers is high in montane forests, with several genera present (e.g. Podocarpus, Calocedrus, Fokienia, Cephalotaxus, and Taxus) in the southern Annamites.