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FSC certified area in the Brazilian Amazon doubles

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07 May 2001
Brasilia, Brazil - The certification - under the principles of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) - of 140,658 hectares of native forest located in the municipal district of Paragominas, in the state of Pará, will double the certified area of Amazon forests in Brazil to 278,103 hectares.

At the country level, the total certified area now amounts 870,511 hectares, which makes Brazil first in Latin America - followed by Bolivia - in terms of certified area of both native forests and plantations.

The new certified native forest belongs to Cikel Brasil Verde S.A. The FSC certificate was awarded to Cikel by accredited certifier SCS today during a special event in Belém.

Around 50 timber species are managed in the new certified forest of Cikel and the company plans to have the rest of its forests (another 65,753 hectares) certified by 2003.

A 23-year old Brazilian private company, Cikel produces 120,000 cubic meters (sawn wood, plywood and others) annually. Its interest in FSC certification dates from 1995.

Together with the forest management certification, Cikel obtained the chain of custody certification for its industrial unit at Fazenda Rio Capim, also located in Paragominas (320 km from Belém).

For further information,please contact:

Regina Vasquez, Communications Officer, WWF-Brazil, regina@wwf.org.br
Alcir Ribeiro de Almeida, Forest Director, Cikel, alcir@cikel.com.br

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