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See the Arctic from a polar bear's POV

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09 June 2014
A new type of camera technology, pioneered and invented by Mehdi Bakhtiari and developed with the support of WWF, shows the most complete picture yet of a polar bear's daily life - from the bear's point of view.

Bakhtiari and videographer Adam Ravetch worked with United States Geological Survey biologists to fit camera collars on 4 female polar bears in Alaska this spring. The cameras captured life on - and under - the ice in 10 minute bursts.

Although biologists have been able to track bears by GPS for some time, these cameras provide new insight into the bears' daily activities. The results were surprising: a bear chases a seal in the water in one clip, and along with a potential mate, plays with her food.

Watch the video:

More polar bear footage will be available this fall.
Still from "collar cam" footage, shot from the point of view of a polar bear. This project was sponsored by WWF.