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Consultation on Pan-African Programme - WWF's response

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24 February 2014

The WWF European Policy Office has been involved in the plans of Joint Africa-EU Strategy for several years, including in the Joint Expert Group on climate and environment and is a member of the joint Africa-EU CSO steering group for the JAES. WWF welcomes the opportunity to comment on the consultation paper for the EU’s Pan-African programme 2014-17.

First of all, we would like to emphasise the outcomes of the intercontinental Africa-EU Civil Society Forum in Brussels held on the 25 October 2013. Currently, although one of the four main objectives of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy is to facilitate and promote a broad-based and wide ranging people centred partnership, the programming as articulated in the consultation document does not appear to fully involve CSOs in the planned activities under each thematic area. During the intercontinental CSO forum, we called for CSOs to be recognised as integral partners in the Joint Africa-EU Strategy, to provide appropriate support for their involvement in the implementation of activities and for the setting up of inclusive working groups on the thematic priorities in which EU and African CSOs can formally participate.

We agree with the specific features proposed for the Pan-African programme, namely:
• Pan-African added value
• Shared African and EU interests and mutually beneficial cooperation initiatives
• Complementarity – complementing and promoting synergies with other instruments such as the 11th EDF and DCI

These features should be clearly articulated in all of the proposed programme activities in addition to the diverse ways in which civil society can contribute to the objectives.

It would also be important to recognise the particular role of Europe and its contribution to a joint partnership. Thus activities which recognise the EU’s impact on the African continent through, for example, close attention paid to policy coherence for development.

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