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The WWF and Mondi Global Partnership

Posted on 20 February 2014

Partners in responsible forest, manufacturing and product stewardship.
Mondi and WWF entered into a global partnership in 2014 based on a long standing relationship. The two organisations are long term partners in the highly effective WWF Mondi Wetlands Programme (MWP) in South Africa, which has been in existence for over two decades. The two partners also have an effective association in Russia where they’ve focused on identifying and protecting remaining large and intact forests. Additionally, they are also founding members of the New Generations Plantations (NGP) Platform.

The new three-year strategic and global partnership between Mondi and WWF is focused on promoting environmental stewardship in the packaging and paper sectors. The aim is to minimise the impacts of Mondi’s operations on forests, climate and water and encourage sustainable practices within the paper and packaging industry. Through action, the partnership aims to demonstrate that environmental and social stewardship and business sense can and need to go hand in hand.
The partnership aims to do so by focusing on the following three key areas:
  • Ecosystem Stewardship - protecting high conservation value ecosystems in Russia, Eastern Europe and other regions as well as increasing the value and resilience of production landscapes in South Africa.
  • Manufacturing Stewardship - further reducing the water and climate footprint of Mondi’s operations and promoting resource efficiency, recycling and longevity of products including the cascading use of wood and forest products where appropriate.
  • Product Stewardship - further enhancing the environmental performance of Mondi’s products through, among others - credible certification and efficient life-cycle use of materials in paper and packaging products.
Through external advocacy, the partnership aims to increase awareness and understanding of the business and environmental benefits associated with improved sustainable business practices – in the packaging and paper sectors and beyond.

This partnership is a journey, with exciting objectives in mind. It is a journey which Mondi and WWF are committed to. Through implementing its programme of work and through continuous learning and sharing, WWF and Mondi envision being increasingly effective as thought leaders on environmental and social issues within the sector.

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