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The Luc Hoffmann Institute goes digital

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11 October 2013
The Luc Hoffmann Institute created by WWF to respond to the most important questions facing sustainable development and conservation has now gone digital.

Based at WWF International, the goal of the institute is connecting WWF’s global network of practitioners and scientists with research capacity and multi-disciplinary thought leaders from around the world and linking the best available science to better policy planning and more effective field practices.

The Luc Hoffmann institute is named after one of the founders of WWF, Dr Luc Hoffmann and directed by Dr. Josh Tewksbury who is a Walker Professor of Natural History, The University of Washington.

WWF employs a wealth of scientific expertise in its work and has been producing scientific publications, computer-based tools, and data sets to strengthen the integrity of conservation efforts worldwide.

“Much of the scientific knowledge produced today just doesn’t respond to the scientific evidence needed by decisions-makers to change policy. And many academics are not sure how to connect with global conservation needs directly and make their science relevant,” said Dr Tewksbury.

“Through the Luc Hoffmann Institute we will be able to widen our global collaborations with civil society organizations and create direct links with the researchers within the Academic world focused on creating scientific ‘solutions for conservation needs’,” he added.

Do you have a research idea you think the Luc Hoffmann Institute should explore? Please visit the Luc Hoffmann Institute’s website to find out how you can submit ideas and contribute to its work.

To see if there might be a position for you at the Luc Hoffmann Institute, please check out the global search for fellows. You can follow the Luc Hoffmann Institute on Twitter and LinkedIn.
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