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Progress in curbing the shark fin trade

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07 October 2013
In Hong Kong, WWF has gained significant support for its campaign to stop shark fin consumption. In September the government issued a ban on shark fin and bluefin tuna for official dining, and more than 250 companies and catering businesses have dropped shark fin from their menus.
And in Singapore, together with Hong Kong, two of the main destinations for shark fin, WWF has worked with seafood businesses to promote sustainable seafood choices. Successes include commitments by Singapore’s two largest supermarkets chains, Cold Storage and NTUC Fairprice, to drop shark products from their shelves, and 10 hotels have removed shark fin from their menus.

Like thousands and probably millions of other sharks each year, this scalloped hammerhead shark is finned alive and thrown overboard to drown (Sphyrna lewini) previously caught on longline fishing hook, Cocos Island, Costa Rica, Pacific Ocean, WHS
© Rotman / WWF