Applause for new fishing rules in the Mediterranean

Posted on 20 September 2013    
Fish census in Croatia © Nika Staglicic
© © Nika Staglicic
WWF has welcomed the first ever comprehensive management plan that aims to guarantee sustainable exploitation of key fish stocks in the Mediterranean, and hopes this represents the start of a move towards responsible fishing. Announced in May this agreements covers a fishery that targets small pelagic fish, mostly sardine and anchovy in the Adriatic Sea. Small pelagic make up almost half the total fish catch in the Mediterranean – one of the most over-exploited seas globally, with 100 percent of demersal fish stocks found close to the sea floor assessed as overfished. WWF continues fighting for a reduced effort in bottom trawling and net fisheries.
Fish census in Croatia © Nika Staglicic
© © Nika Staglicic Enlarge

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