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10 September 2013
With over 500,000 attendants Peru’s “Mistura”, one of the largest food fair worldwide, was recently the stage for the launch of SIZE DOES MATTER a campaign promoted by WWF which for the first time links Peru’s world class cuisine with the conservation of the most productive sea, the Eastern Pacific. The so-called boom around Peru’s cuisine is increasingly asserting pressures on local marine resources which account for 10% of the world´s total catch.

SIZE DOES MATTER is a joint initiative which promotes responsible consumption of fish, and which in just ten days was publicly endorsed by Peru’s First Lady and the Minister of the Environment, caught the attention of the main national media and became a trend on social media, as the first step of an ongoing campaign.

The initiative is a result of a group of people called “The Enthusiasts” concerned about sustainable fisheries, who alongside WWF, joined efforts towards looking for the welfare and sustainability of our sea – the most productive worldwide. The initiative seeks to raise awareness and change the behavior of the population, with aims to preserve our resources and to have informed consumers for a better decision-making process.

According to WWF Peru’s Marine Program Coordinator, Biologist Samuel Amorós, in order to ensure the conservation of our most valuable marine resources, it is quite important to be aware of the different measures we can take and so implement major sustainable strategies. In this context, the Peruvian sea is the main source of the many different dishes we have, including our main dish, ceviche – sea food, plus it holds 10% of the total fishing worldwide; thusly, the unsustainable fishing might endanger species and so decimate its continuity for future generations.

“We have to be aware of the minimum fish sizes. Besides, it is important to create synergies among all the stakeholders involved in the process: seller – consumer and we must not forget to diversify our own consumption with the day’s catch”, states Samuel Amorós.

Always remember to keep informed in order to be a responsible consumer, be aware of the minimum fish sizes and the health of our most valuable resources before enjoying our delicious dishes.

SIZE DOES MATTER is a basic guide for responsible fish consumption, which is expected to be the first step towards fostering major commitments for the conservation of our marine resources.

“SIZE DOES MATTER” is an initiative that fosters the marine resources sustainability through the responsible consumption. This joint effort resulted from a group called “The Enthusiasts”, supported by Pesquera Diamante, the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, the Peruvian Gastronomy Association and WWF.

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