North Mau Project Gains Momentum

Posted on 03 September 2013  | 
The rehabilitation of the Mau Ecosystem has picked up in earnest with the launch of the Innovative Approaches towards Rehabilitating Mau Ecosystem (IARME) project simply known as the North Mau Project.

The European Union (specifically Spain), through UNEP funds the Project. The Project is implemented by WWF, Interim Coordinating Secretariat (Kenya Water Towers) and the Kenya Forest Service (KFS). While KFS and other partners are charged with the rehabilitation component WWF complements them by running the livelihoods unit. This involves training farmers on best agricultural practices that focus on enhancing income from their businesses.

The Project kicked off in July 2012 and is scheduled to last for two years. It is aimed at improving the management of Mau Forest Ecosystem, which currently is facing enormous strain as a result encroachment and illegal logging.

The project brings together stakeholders who use forest and forest related products. The objective is to develop a national strategy for participating on all evolving international mechanism for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) and also carry out the survey using the current scientific paradigms by involving the academia.

The Project aims at responding to Kenya’s national priorities as outlined in Vision 2030, by protecting the environment to achieve economic growth and meet the growth target of 10 % forest cover. It will contribute to efforts of establishing forest management plans, marking and securing forest boundaries and piloting on Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) and rehabilitating of degraded forests.

By Johnstone Mulary
A WWF officer taking famers through a questionnaire during a baseline survey in North Mau.
© Johnstone Mulary WWF/KCO Enlarge

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