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Turning Adversity into Opportunity - A Business Plan for the Baltic Sea

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23 August 2013
Measures to restore the health of the Baltic Sea could bring €32 billion and 550,000 jobs to the region by 2030, according to a report, produced by The Boston Consulting Group for WWF, Turning adversity into opportunity: A business plan for the Baltic Sea. The report concludes that while the Baltic Sea faces severe pressure from eutrophication, hazardous substances and overfishing, the region is uniquely situated, having better prerequisites than most other regions to address the existing challenges, and there is a global market for the innovations and solutions created by doing so. As the report shows, one sectors’ environmental impact can have large consequences for another sector’s economic development. As such, it is clear that decisions about the future of the Baltic Sea must be taken with a holistic perspective and an assessment of what is most profitable overall – both from a socio-economic and ecological perspective.
The health of the Baltic Sea has long been viewed solely as an environmental concern, but this report shows that it must be viewed as an economic and social concern as well. Failing to restore the Baltic Sea will not only further impair the Baltic Sea environment but the ability to add these jobs and economic growth.