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Alpro Soy Drinks Earn First Non-GM ‘Trustmark’ in UK

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21 August 2013
With the appearance of the ProTerra certification logo on its products in the UK, Alpro—a Belgian company that markets soy based food and drink products—is the first grocery brand to demonstrate that the soybeans used in its drinks are sustainably sourced and not genetically modified.

The brand only uses GM-free soybeans and is reportedly working together with suppliers to develop a control system to ensure the beans are traceable and identifiable across its supply chain. Alrpo is audited and certified by Cert ID Europe against the ProTerra certification standard.

According to Cert ID Europe, this is the first time that a Non-GM and sustainability ‘trustmark’ has been authorised in the UK, so enabling consumers to make a choice about the kind of products that they buy.

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