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WWF commends Rotterdam harbour’s appeal to ban whale meat

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08 July 2013
WWF-Netherlands has commended the Port of Rotterdam for urging shipping companies and terminal operators to stop the transportation of fin whale meat to Japan through the city's harbour. The harbour authority has also asked other European ports to join the call.

Rotterdam harbour’s move was partially prompted by conservation organizations including WWF, which are concerned about the hunting of endangered fin whales and other threatened species.

Carel Drijver of WWF-Netherlands says he hopes the appeal will lead to real action. “European harbours could take concrete measures in September at the Ocean Action Summit, which is being organized in the Hague by the government of the Netherlands and the World Bank.”

WWF says it hopes that other ports, including those out outside of Europe, will follow Rotterdam’s example and take action to stop the transport of endangered animal and plant species.

Commercial whaling was banned worldwide in 1986 and international trade in fin whale meat is prohibited under the CITES convention. Japan, Norway and Iceland, however, entered reservations to the CITES provision.
Fin whales are an endangered species.
© WWF / Nature PL / Mark Carwardine
A fin whale is butchered by Icelandic whalers in December 2006 after the Icelandic government allowed the resumption of commercial whaling.
© Jonas Fr. Thorsteinsson