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The Catholic Youth voice on the environment

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12 July 2013
WWF and young volunteers engaged in the World Youth Day gathered together to send a message about faith and conservation of the environment

A different Sunday was experienced this past June in the Catacomb Park, located in Lagoa (lagoon) neighborhood, South Rio. In that green area which is just right in the midst of the carioca urban fizz, WWF gathered nine young Catholic volunteers who are engaged in the World Youth Day to deliver a video message on this global meeting, which will take place in June 23-28 in Rio. In the message, WWF stated the reasons why faith and nature conservation cannot go apart.

The first video shows young Luiz Henrique Medeiros Geraldo, who is a student in Medical School of the Rio de Janeiro Federal University, commenting on the relevance of the biodiversity sheltered by the Amazon. In the video, Luiz Henrique mentions that during the seven days taken by God to create Earth, He used one day to create Man and Woman, and the last day he set aside for resting. Yet he used the other five days in the creation of all the natural beauties which are vital to life as we know it -- including the seas, the freshwater, the trees, and the mountains.

During the three weeks preceding the World Youth Day (WYD or JMJ in the Portuguese acronym), WWF and WYD will release all videos containing those testimonies recorded by those young people. They have great expectations concerning the WYD, during which visitors from all over the world will be welcome with open arms and receive a message of faith and conservation.

The Catholic Youth voice on the environment
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