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EU retailers pledge support for Brazilian non-GMO soy

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21 June 2013
Major European retailers from 5 countries, including Germany’s REWE Group, EDEKA and LIDL have released the Brussels Soy Declaration in which they pledge support for non-Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) soy production system of Brazil.

This development follows a recent announcement by 4 British retailers that they will no longer require eggs and poultry to be produced using non-GMO feed. These retailers justified their decision because of the limited availability of non-GM soy, particularly from Brazil.

The Brussels Soy Declaration emphasizes that animal feed is the main route by which genetically modified soy gets into the food chain. This calls for generating more support for the production of non-GMO soy in Brazil.

According to ProTerra, “large retailers in Germany, France, Austria, Luxembourg, and other mainland European countries, are increasing their use of non-GMO soy in livestock production because they believe that consumers like to choose whether they purchase genetically modified products.” Volumes of ProTerra-certified non-GMO soy imported into Europe have exceeded 4 million metric tonnes per year for each of the last 6 years and are expected to continue to increase this year.


Dry soy (Glycine max) pods
© Adriano Gambarini / WWF-Brazil