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Sustainable management of priority forests increases

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20 June 2013
New areas of forest certified to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards in Cameroon in central Africa take the country’s FSC-certified forest area to over 1-million ha and 5-million ha in the Congo River basin as a whole – a boost for the conservation and sustainable use of these priority forests.
In Latin America, close to 30 per cent of forest plantations in WWF priority areas in Chile are now FSC-certified, covering 780,000 ha – including a 657,000 ha plantation which is the world’s largest certified by FSC – and this is set to double. In Panama, a 10-year effort gained FSC-certification for two 43,000 ha community-managed forests in the highly threatened Choco-Darien priority region, contributing to the sustainable development of people and forests.

WWF UK and WWF Germany are working with WWF CARPO on a 2 year EU-funded campaign (2010-2011) to raise awareness among EU consumers of the links between their consumption of timber products and the effects on communities and forests in the Congo Basin region.
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