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Papua New Guinea fisheries make progress

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17 June 2013
To reduce accidental capture and death of huge numbers of turtles and sharks, 30,000 circle hooks have been provided to replace traditional “J-shaped” fishing hooks used by the tuna longline fishing fleet in Papua New Guinea (PNG) which are much more lethal to turtles and sharks. In trials, the circle hooks caught no turtles and and the tuna catch rate increased. And from July, the PNG fisheries authority will require all fleets fishing in PNG waters to land MSC-eligible skipjack tuna to local canneries – a move which could hugely boost the availability of MSC-certified tuna to consumers around the world, as PNG has one of the world’s richest tuna fishing grounds.
Baby green turtle (Chelonia mydas) hatchling swimming to the sea still in the shallows of the beach. Anano Island, Wakatobi, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
© Jurgen Freund / WWF