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Increased protection of polar bear habitat

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10 June 2013
Russia has established two new Arctic protected areas with WWF support which advance polar bear conservation. The huge Beringa National Park includes 1,5 million ha of the Chukokta Peninsula in the Bering Sea and 300,000 ha of marine area, and helps secure habitats of threatened species including polar bears, and a rich flora with over 1,000 plant species. The aim is to link with the US Bering Land Bridge National Park to create the first Russia-US transboundary protected area. And a 24 nautical mile buffer zone has been established in Russia’s eastern Arctic around the Wrangel and Herald islands which provide valuable polar bear and walrus habitat, and have high biodiversity levels.

Pack ice and icebergs. Scotia Sea near South Orkneys. Antarctica
© Sylvia Rubli / WWF