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Celebrities join volunteers to clean all 11 nature parks in Bulgaria

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06 June 2013
Sofia, Bulgaria – A record number of 25 celebrities will join forces with thousands of volunteers in the sixth edition of WWF’s National Day of Nature Parks in Bulgaria on Saturday, 8 June. Popular writers, actors, musicians and TV presenters will collect rubbish and repair tourist infrastructure. A short presentation about the natural wealth of each of the parks will be given to the participants.

Among the most popular faces to join as WWF ambassadors are writer Kalin Terziiski, actors Filip Avramov and Nikolina Yancheva, musicians Valdi Totev, Toni Dimitrova, Vanya Shtereva, Gravity Co, SEN I Zafayah from Roots Rocket, Krista, Dani Milev, radio journalist Simo of BG Radio, TV presenters Venelin Petkov and Stanislava Tsalova of bTV, Galina Shturbeva, Bogomil Grozev and Nevena Vasileva of Nova Television as well as TV journalists Georgi Toshev and Dimitar Pavlov, composer Stanislav Loboshki, landscape photographer Alexander Ivanov.

“WWF ambassadors are not only raising awareness of each protected area, but they also will work very hard throughout the day, collecting rubbish and repairing tourist infrastructure. It is very inspiring to see these popular people working as hard as everybody else", said Vesselina Kavrakova, Programme Manager of WWF in Bulgaria.

Over 13,000 people have taken part in the National Day of Nature Parks since the beginning of the campaign in 2007. More than 60 tons of rubbish have been collected over the past years and key park infrastructure has been repaired. As part of the campaign, 11 new recreation areas and 12 bridges were built and over 100 information boards were placed in the eleven parks, spelling out what tourists should and should not do in the protected areas.

This year more bridges, wooden grates against paths erosion and information boards will be constructed in all 11 nature parks.

Put together, the eleven Nature Parks represent the biggest protected area in Bulgaria. They are visited 10 million times per year by hundreds of thousands of tourists. Out of the eleven Bulgarian Nature Parks, the most visited are those situated close to the big cities – Vitosha Mountain next to Sofia, Zlatni Piasatsi (Golden Sands) next to Varna, Bulgarka in the vicinity of Gabrovo, and Rusenski Lom close to Ruse. The event is organized in partnership with Bulgaria’s Nature Parks and telecommunications company GLOBUL.

Through the National Day of Nature Parks WWF demonstrates the importance of protected areas in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in Bulgaria, Central and Eastern Europe. Similar events were organized in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine in the end of May for the Carpathian Parks Day.

This year 35 national and nature parks in the five countries across the Carpathian Mountains celebrated the immense natural and cultural diversity of Europe’s last great wilderness area. The breath of activities undertaken was impressive – from bicycle tours and photo competitions to trail clean ups, tree planting, environmental education and round table discussions with local people.
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