WWF welcomes Mexico’s 2050 Climate Vision; now global funding must be made available to implement such strategies

Posted on 04 June 2013  | 
Gland, Switzerland: Mexico’s launch today of a 2050 Climate Change Vision report is a welcome next step in its path to a low-carbon future, says WWF.

A number of the measures included in Mexico's 2050 Vision Strategy are shown to have the potential for significant and positive impacts on the Mexican economy. However, there is an important bundle of measures that imply short-term financial burdens.

Despite the positives in the report, even the best strategies will be waylaid if funding to implement them is not made available, says WWF’s Global Climate & Energy Initiative leader Samantha Smith.

“All the elements needed to achieve Mexico's ambitious 2050 goal to reduce emissions by 50% compared to year 2000 levels are included in the report. And now it is time for global funders like the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to act if efforts such as those in Mexico are to be encouraged,” says Smith.

The GCF was established as a mechanism within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to provide finance from wealthy, high-emitting countries to countries – including Mexico – that are combating climate change through cutting emissions and adaptation efforts.

In October 2012, Mexico enacted its landmark General Climate Change Law which required, among other things, the development of an over-arching long-term climate strategy.

The Climate Change Vision for 2050 includes massive deployment of public transport systems and a rapid escalation of renewable energy – and these are all the right elements for achieving a low-emissions economy.

“The report shows Mexico’s continued commitment to combating climate change and is an example to the world on the critical importance of climate legislation,” says WWF-Mexico Climate Change Director Vanessa Pérez-Cirera. “We now need to support leader countries such as Mexico to achieve what they have set themselves to achieve. Otherwise our global efforts to keep global warming below 2°C will be thwarted,” she added.
An activist at the opening of the 2010 Climate Change talks in Cancun where the first version of the Mexican Climate Change Law was tabled.
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