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Local contribution is a need to sustain rattan

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05 June 2013
Early May, Stefan Andreas Zeigler from WWF Deutschland and other delegation of WWF Greater Mekong Programme visited the rattan project sites in Aluoi mountainous District, Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam to see the best practice of increasing the density of rattan in the natural forest or enrichment.

In partnership with WWF, Aluoi District People’s Committee, and relevant stakeholders such as Protection Forest Management Board, Agricultural and Forestry Extension Unit and Forest Protection Unit have been conducting the rattan enrichment programme -- in the area of 310 ha in the year 2013 -- with the support from 21 communes (600 households selected to join the programme).

Three rattan nurseries established are able to supply 500,000 rattan seedlings per year sufficiently to the plantation in Aluoi district.

With the strong commitment of Vietnam local authority to sustain rattan resources, local government from provincial and district levels contributed USD 40,000 to the rattan enrichment programme in Aluoi District.
“I am aware of the benefits of rattan plantation in my forest” said Ho Van Tam, villager who lives in Ta Ra village. He participated in the rattan plantation activities in Huong Phong commune, he also mentioned that it didn’t give him only income in the period of plantation, but also helps protect watershed that serves whole commune.

“With the support from local government and communities helps speed up process of sustaining natural resources that provide income to people along rattan supply chain” said Le Viet Tam, WWF’s Regional Rattan Manager while joining the trip.

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