Action to close both ends of illegal rhino horn trade

Posted on 31 May 2013  | 
Viet Nam and Mozambique were singled out at CITES for failing to act effectively to close down the illegal trade in rhino horn.
A sudden surge in demand – based on a misplaced belief in Viet Nam that rhino horn can cure cancer and other ailments – has led to a massive wave of rhino killing in South Africa: from 13 rhino killed in 2007 and 83 the following year, rhino killings have spiked to 668 in 2012 and are set to exceed this number in 2013.
Poaching gangs operating from Mozambique into South Africa are responsible for many of the rhino deaths. And the demand for rhino horn in Viet Nam is fuelling the illegal killing. CITES requires these countries to report on progress to clamp down on this illegal trade by 2014.
Adult and calf white rhino.
Adult and calf white rhino.
© WWF-Canon / Martin HARVEY Enlarge

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