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EU meets 2020 climate target, and faces 7 lost years

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29 May 2013
Brussels, Belgium: Data released today by Eurostat and the European Environment Agency show that in 2011 the EU’s total greenhouse gas emissions were 18.4 % below 1990 levels, and that energy-related CO2 emissions are estimated to have dropped 2.1% in 2012. On this basis, WWF estimates the EU has already surpassed its target of cutting total greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020.

Jason Anderson, Head of Climate and Energy - WWF European Policy Office said:

“The trend of falling emissions continued even as the EU‘s GDP rose back above pre-recession levels. There’s no reason now to go sit on our hands for 7 years, knowing that by keeping up the recent pace we could reach the 95% cuts needed by 2050 to keep Europe in line with efforts to avoid dangerous global warming.”

“Parties to the UN climate conference are committed to finding ways to close the huge gap between the meagre emissions cuts countries have promised by 2020 and what’s needed to keep us on track to staying below 2 degree warming. As a leader in that process the EU should turn its record of falling emissions into a success story by describing how it will go further, rather than undermining its credibility by pressing the snooze button.”


Notes to editors:
  • A graph representing total EU-27 greenhouse gas emission (excluding land use change and offset use) is shown below. The 2012 emissions estimate is based on an extrapolation of CO2 emission data from energy uses to GHG emissions from all sectors.

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A recent WWF’s report entitled “Putting the EU on track for 100% renewable energy” shows that by 2030, the EU could use at least 38% less energy compared to a business as usual projection and generate more than 40% of its energy from renewable sources.
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