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Do something historic. End overfishing. Now

Posted on
29 May 2013

Dear Mr. Simon Coveney,
President of the Council of European Fisheries Ministers:
Do something historic. End overfishing. Now.

The European Parliament and the Fisheries Ministers now have the responsibility to end overfishing by 2015. In the European Parliament, an overwhelming majority voted for a strong Common Fisheries reform. Millions of concerned EU citizens actively support the recovery of European fish stocks. Make their views count!

WWF calls on the Fisheries Ministers and the European Parliament to agree on the fastest full recovery targets for fishery stocks. They have it within their powers to ensure that discards, subsidies and stock management are addressed immediately and effectively so that we can reverse, within ten years, the situation where almost two out of three assessed stocks are at crisis level. If we follow the current Council proposal this will not happen for another 100 years.