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WWF launches first sustainable leadership programme in Romania

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27 May 2013
Bucharest, Romania - WWF has launched “Leaders for life”, the first sustainable leadership programme in Romania. The aim of the programme is to develop a new generation of leaders who are trained to follow the principles of sustainability. The programme was launched at the international event “European CSR Lessons”, held on 15 and 16 May in Bucharest.

The programme was developed by Trend Consult Group in partnership with WWF Romania and emerged from the need to create leaders who have a strategic approach to the current business environment and economic problems, as well as an understanding of the principles of sustainability.

“Profit as the only positive outcome of a business, is no longer enough. Business leaders have to think about the whole equation of social and environmental impact of their actions”, said Adrian Florea, Partner Manager of Trend Consult Group.

The programme is geared towards senior and middle managers in Romanian companies, who wish to achieve long-term profit based on a strong and stable competitive edge. In the training programme, participants learn about the effects of individual business decisions, and how business can influence customers and suppliers. Managers are also able to visit two model sites in Romania to face the real impact of business decisions on nature.

"It is very difficult to keep up with increasingly faster exploitation of natural resources”, said Magor Csibi, Head of WWF in Romania. “WWF involvement is vital. If we want to halt the trend of degradation of nature, it is vital to create strategies that not only generate change through legislative restrictions on industry, but rather the industry finds constructive solutions from which the whole society can benefit”.

“Economy and nature do not contradict each other, on the contrary, a well-planned economy, which emphasizes the development of medium and long term solutions, may even be beneficial. But in order to achieve this, you need to change the thinking. We need to be innovative and to learn that working together makes us all stronger. The programme “Leaders for life” offers is an opportunity for a real, sustainable change of people, industry and nature. This is an initiative that we are proud of and from which we have high expectations", Csibi said.

Trend Consult Group and WWF share the same vision about the close relationship between business and sustainable development of society. The combined expertise of the two organizations covers two areas with major impact on business: developing leadership skills and sustainable use of resources.
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