Long live public transport!

Posted on 15 May 2013  | 
Taxi brousse near Itampolo, Madagascar
© WWF / Marie FischbornEnlarge
Swiss trains versus Malagasy taxi brousses (bush taxi):

Approximate distance travelled for 5 €:

5 km versus 100 km

Passenger entertainment:
Smart phone/Ipad/Laptop versus cheerful pop music at top volume

+- 30 seconds of indicated time versus + ½ hours to 4 hours of indicated time

Likelihood of breakdowns:

0.048 % versus 48 %

Time needed to travel 20 km:
10 minutes versus 2-5 hours (depending on breakdowns)

Additional charges:
100 CHF if caught without ticket versus ca. double the regular price because of vazaha (foreigner) abuse

Non-human passengers:
Dogs, of course with leash and muzzle versus chickens, possibly goats

Views of scenery:
Magnificent versus stunning

I’d say it’s a clear tie!

Volunteer Marie Fischborn, WWF Madagascar 2013

Taxi brousse near Itampolo, Madagascar
© WWF / Marie Fischborn Enlarge

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