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2030 Climate & Energy package: EU Ministers must re-energise Europe

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22 April 2013

Brussels, Belgium: Ahead of today’s joint meeting between Europe’s Energy and Environment ministers in Dublin, Jason Anderson, Head of Climate and Energy for WWF’s European Policy Office said:

“Energy and Environment Ministers must leave behind Europe’s dirty past and prepare for a clean future by advancing a package of 2030 targets for energy savings, renewable energy and emissions reductions. By doing so, they will help to secure Europe’s long-term economic competitiveness, the security of our energy supplies, and the quality of our environment.”

“These ministers must not follow the weakness of the European Parliament’s vote on the EU ETS and succumb to the lobbying of vested interest from big producers and consumers of fossil fuels. If they do so, they will be locking Europe into decades of inefficient technologies that will force us to spend hundreds of billions euros importing the coal, oil and gas that damage our health and the health of our planet.”

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