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A third lynx was reintroduced in the Kalkalpen National Park in Austria

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26 March 2013
A female lynx from Switzerland named Kora was released in the Kalkalpen National Park in Austria. It has found a new home in the protected area together with two other species reintroduced in 2011 – a male called Juro and a female called Freia. In June 2012 Freia gave birth to two cubs.

Kora reached Kalkalpen National Park in a special pet carrier, accompanied by a veterinarian. She was equipped with a radio collar.

This is the third and final release for the time being within the project "LUKA - Lynx Upper Austria Kalkalpen". It is an important step for the return of the lynx to the Alps and in the future more releases should follow. " The lynx has a chance to survive in the long term in the Alps only if the scattered animals can meet each other", says WWF lynx expert Christina Reisenbichler. Freia gave birth to two cubs in the summer of 2012.

The habitats of the lynx in the Alps are still highly fragmented and small. Therefore, WWF hopes that the project of the Kalkalpen National Park will be supported by other Austrian provinces.

“To guarantee the protection and the sustainable conservation of big cats in Austria, additional protection is also needed”, says Reisenbichler. According to WWF, a management plan should take into account both the needs of the people, and a habitat large enough for the lynx.

Once extinct in many parts of Europe, the lynx rediscovered its old home some years ago. In 1996, after 150 years of absence the animal came back for the first time in the Kalkalpen region. All current lynx populations in Western and Central Europe are due to reintroduction projects.

The return of Juro, Freia and Kora was preceded by years of research of the LUKA working group. It consists of representatives of the Kalkalpen National Park, the Austrian Federal Forests, the hunters association, and the conservation organisations Naturschutzbund and WWF.
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