New video supports dialogue with forest communities on REDD+

Posted on 10 April 2013  | 
REDD+ practitioners around the globe have a new tool to use to dialogue with forest communities on REDD+, with the launch today of the video Engaging forest stewards in REDD+ dialogues. Produced by WWF’s Forest and Climate Initiative (WWF-FCI) (, the video explores different practices and includes interviews with leading experts around the world.
This new social documentary video uses the power of stakeholder testimony to communicate the challenges and successes of engaging in REDD+ dialogues with indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs) that are dependent on forests for their livelihood. It includes interviews with experts from a variety of organizations, providing different views and perspectives and giving the viewer insight into each. REDD+ practitioners who view the video can then gain knowledge and understanding to further their work.
“This REDD+ video is a wonderful tool to gain insight into the both the value of engaging in REDD+ dialogue with indigenous peoples and local communities, and the most effective ways to do this,” said Maria Jose Pacha, producer of the film and WWF-FCI’s Knowledge Sharing and Learning Manager. “By sharing the collective knowledge on this issue from key experts around the globe, we hope to create real impacts that benefit people and nature.”
The WWF-FCI team considers knowledge sharing and learning to be key components of realizing a successful REDD+ mechanism that benefits people and nature. This video is part of a series of new REDD+ learning tools developed for REDD+ practitioners. To access all of these tools, please visit  
WWF's Conservation and Livelihoods program (WWF-US) contributed to the development and production of this video. Most of the people featured in the video participated in the REDD+ Based Approaches to Human Rights workshop organized by the Conservation Initiative on Human Rights in Lima, Peru, January 2012.
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Engaging with Local Communities on REDD+: Click below to view video in various languages and length formats.
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